Photos, GIFS and a Video of Taylor Swift That Make Me Want To Own A Cat

I see animal lovers as emphatic, endearing and loving people. Taylor Swift’s cat, Meredith, is one of the luckiest cats ever and it (or should I say, she?)┬áhas no idea.


She was even featured on one of her videos and everybody knows – that’s Meredith’s moment right there.


Look at her – having the time of her life in her master’s arms.



Now this is literally for cat ladies. I have no idea where this is but I’m pretty sure Taylor is having a lot of fun. And those cats too. Those cats are having fun.


She goes ga-ga on meeting other cats.

Lastly, here’s a video that’s worth your time, something that will make you want to squeeze Meredith and thank Taylor for her existence and gentleness to her kitties (and hopefully to all animals too).