Emotional Moments That Affect Our Physical Health

If you’ve ever felt butterflies after hearing “I love you” or become sick to your stomach during a breakup, you know that emotions have a connection with our physical health. Science is backing up that idea, as study after study confirms that the feelings generated by social and romantic relationships directly connect with both your short- and long-term health.

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Here are some feelings that make us feel different kinds of ways and how it affects our physical healthy.

  1. Hearing someone say “I love you.”

It’s the “rush” everyone feels. You become focused, energized, and exhilarated, while your blood pressure rises. “Thinking about love and talking about love kindles the feelings of love.”  Those three little words releases dopamine , the “reward” chemical in your brain responsible for pleasure.

  1. Laughing your heart out at a great joke.

It contracts your muscles. It decreases your blood pressure, pulse rate and stress levels. Anyone will tell you, genuine laughter is a fabulous way to boost your health. Multiple chemicals are involved in laughter, such as GABA, endorphins, serotonin, and insulin-like growth factor chemicals that act as an antidepressant and anxiety-reducer.

  1. Losing a loved one.

Heart breaks are terrible. With grief and sorrow often comes depression, anxiety, higher blood pressure, an increased pulse rate, a compromised immune system, and even advanced aging. This is because sorrow releases hormones like cortisol and adrenaline (epinephrine), which can damage the body.

  1. Making love.

How can it not make you feel anything? Making love stimulates your pleasure center while increasing feelings of trust and intimacy, while actual orgasm relaxes the mind, dropping anxiety and fear. With so many emotions involved, sex can’t be dismissed as a purely physical occurrence It’s also said to boost your immune system while easing depression, heart disease, and chronic pain. Studies show that orgasm bonds us to our partners on a neurological level, thanks to the burst of dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins released by our brains.

  1. Meeting someone new.

That spark of interest that suddenly  arises, your brain will become refreshed and focused. In years to come, meeting new people and exposing yourself to novel situations improve your memory and help keep dementia at bay. Experts say that meeting someone new opens up a sea of possibilities and uncertainties. If that person is someone whom we find attractive, there is a burst of dopamine!


These moments, whether good or bad, affects our health in amazing ways. It’s important for us to recognize and identify our thoughts and emotions, and to be aware of the impact they have—not only on each other, but also on our bodies, behavior, and relationships.


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