Controlling Your Weight: Here’s What You Need To Know

Is weighing something you do regularly? Does it scare you, or motivate you? Or are you one of those who never steps on weighing scale? For many people, the scale is a source of stress and self-esteem, or a measure of progress.

How often should we scale ourselves to track improvement?


If you weigh yourself every day, listen up. You think you’re tracking yourself well, but you’re most likely putting yourself into something that’s not so good. Weighing every single day has been linked to eating disorders, and some experts argue that the distress and discouragement caused by a daily weight check could cause people to go off their weight loss diets.

Changes in your weight shouldn’t freak you out. Your weight varies all the way through the day. It can even change every time you eat and drink. When you look at it close enough, there is no point to weighing yourself every day — and most definitely not multiple times a day.

“Weight” is more than just fat or muscle. Many factors can contribute to our weight changes, like body fluid fluctuations – the amount of water you drink, your sodium consumption, or maybe you just haven’t gone to the bathroom yet. Yes, I know, it counts. All of these things influence your weight.

Experts recommend that you weight yourself once a week. Let’s be more precise, shall we? If you’re really eager to lose weight and you want to monitor it closely, how about you weigh yourself on the same time, same day of the week, same clothing, and most importantly, on the same scale? The best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything.

What you shouldn’t do is to never weigh yourself. Never weighing yourself and determining how “healthy” you are only by how you feel, isn’t actually a good idea. Knowing that number on the scale can tell you how healthy you are. Even if you aren’t on diet, experts suggest you still weigh yourself once a week, or at least twice a week.

weighing scales 1

Some people are very motivated by not only the scale but by seeing inches. So along with weighing yourself, you can also check your body measurements and how your clothes fit you.

Take it easy on the weighing scale. As long as you use your weight for what it is and ignore it for what it isn’t, it’s a useful tool for tracking your progress.


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