Digital Detox

Do you check your phone as you wake up in the morning? Do you lose sleep over reading Facebook statuses in the middle of the night? You could be a candidate for digital detox.

We know within ourselves that we spend too much time simultaneously refreshing our inbox, texting a friend, updating our status, and posting our dinner in Instagram, but we can’t help it anyway.

Detox means cleaning. Detox is usually associated to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, but digital detox can also be done.


Digital detox refers to a period of time which a person refrains from using electronic devices for entertainment, fun and pleasure. It’s an opportunity to decrease stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world, and focus on the physical world instead.

The benefits of digital detox are enhanced creativity, more concentration, and improved interpersonal connections.

In this article, you will find tips on how to start with your digital detox, and why they’re all good for you every once in a while.

  1. “Lights out” means lights out.

Mean it when you say you’re going to bed.  To make this easier, put your phone somewhere farther rather than beside your bed. You simply must create a nightly digital sundown to support your physical and mental health. You will notice production, sleep quality and mood.

  1. Disable all push notifications.

The beeps, rings, buzzes, alerts from Facebook, Twitter and email disrupt your day and your thought process. Turning off push notifications will make you check your messages only when you intend to, not because something appeared on your screen.

  1. Having some thoughts? Grab your pen and paper.

Your brain, wrists and fingers will love you for this. Your thoughts will be much better written down, with your own handwriting. Your body and soul will feel more liberated. Make notes, doodle during dull meetings, write a love song or start sketching. Feeling like you need to read? Grab a paperback, not your screen.

  1. Go out.

Spending some time outdoors – whether it’s a picnic, a jog or a day at the beach – can relax and relieve stress, especially without your phone.  This will give you more time to reflect, appreciate and think rather than indulging in your phone.

  1. Learn from your experience.

What have you learned from the experience? Did your eyes, fingers, and wrists get relief? Did your mind get a clearer and freer feel? Take a moment to ponder.

Digital detox, especially if it’s your first time, shouldn’t be done forcibly. Too many people fail to appreciate being in the moment and allowing themselves to resist the urge to log onto their laptops, mobiles and tablets. You can start with a simple 3-day digital detox. That short duration can already make you realize things. If it worked for you, go for a week, then another one every once in a while.

Digital detox could be made more formal by introducing meditation into a daily routine. Enjoy the silence!


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