Vitamin C is taken internally is beneficial to immune system, skincare and overall health – in form of capsules and syrups. However, it has been found that topical use often works even better for the skin.

It has been two months now since I started using Vitamin C serum for my face and I have been applying it to my face: twice a day, in the morning and at night.

Orange with water on orange background

I have proven to myself that serums are lightweight and fast-acting. It takes absolutely no time at all to apply, probably just a minute and another to let it absorb. All you need is just one or a few drops, since they are super concentrated. The saying “less is more” applies greatly to serum. It may cost you money, but it will last

For people with oily, dry or acne-prone skin, or those who are just paranoid about what they put on their face, you have to try this! I guarantee that a serum is the skincare texture of dreams; no stickiness, no residue – it’s so light that it’s like damping water onto your face. You can feel how natural and pure it is.

Ever since I started using serums I’ve noticed that the radiance has returned to my skin. I thought it was just me, but it’s unbelievable how people noticed it, too!

It has beautifully moisturized my skin so far.


All in all I could not be happier with the results.

It might work the same for you too!


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