Applying Vitamin C Serum

Hello, girls and girls!

I recently talked about the benefits and secrets of Vitamin C serum in my last post. Vitamin C serum and my skin are like WOW! It’s actually getting repaired. AND I LOVE IT.  Maybe you’re wondering, why use a serum for Vitamin C? When it can be put on lotions on moisturizers instead – I may have an answer to your question.

Serums are skin care products with high concentrations of the needed active ingredients. As we previously talked about, Vitamin C is a very popular ingredient in skin care products. This is because the serum from vitamin C has a higher concentration of L-ascorbic acid.


When applying vitamin C serum, it is important that you use it right. If it is applied correctly to the skin, the effectiveness will definitely increase:

  1. Dampen your face with water and start applying the serum to your face, neck, and don’t forget to include your upper chest to maximize its effects! An amount the size of a 5 pence or 10 cent coin should be enough. Some women mistakenly think the more you apply – the better, but your skin will only absorb as much as it needs. Excess is just a waste.
  2. Let it dry for some time. If possible use it with a sunscreen. Using Vitamin C will make you more sensitive to the sun. You really need to be wearing at least 30 spf sunscreen if you’re going to be outdoors much at all.
  3. It is a good idea to follow up a vitamin c serum application with a moisturizer, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  4. Lastly, after purchasing the serum, it’s a good idea to keep it refrigerated and keep it sealed. This will keep the serum from oxidizing too quickly, and will give you a better result for the price.


Serums should be applied twice daily. They are the first products that should be applied to the skin after cleansing and toning. Although some prefer to use it only at night or in the morning, whichever they are comfortable; but for starters – it is advised to apply it twice, daily.

Depending on the serum, you may see an immediate improvement. But most require about four weeks of consistent use for visible results. Just be careful when purchasing your serums because many loose potency and effectiveness based on how it is packaged. Do your research for the best serums out there before dropping any big bucks on it.

Also, this is not a subsitite to eating healthy food to naturally stimulate and build collagen.

That’s beauty from the inside out!

Have fun!



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