Reasons Why You Should Own A Dog (Or Any Other Pet)

I’ve been a dog owner since I was 5. It’s one of the best things ever. Here’s why I think everyone should love a dog:

1. They put you in a good mood. They play with you and they provide companionship.


2. They can help you with your health. I’ve read one article mentioning that they can sense when a person is about to have seizure, they can also detect cancer and they keep you active. Win-win.

3. Have you ever met anyone who becomes wildly happy when they see you when you come back home? I bet no one does it like your pooch. When you get home from work, he’ll be jumping on you with an uncontrollable wagging tail.


4.  They reflect your personality. Sometimes, you get to see through people’s personalities on how they treat animals. Those who care for animals tend to be more loving, caring, emphatic and sweet.

large (1)

5. They can feel your pain. I’ve cried many times in front of my dog, and they snuggle and cuddle more when you do. My dog even looks at me in the eyes likes he understands what I’m going through.

large (2)

6. They help us recover from depression and stress. They only want to make you feel that they love you.

large (3)

7. They make you feel safe. You never have to be scared when you’re home alone with your dog because they sense danger. Also, when you have no one to talk to, you can talk to them. They’re great at moving their heads like they understand, but I’m sure they listen.

large (4)

8. They think you are the best person ever. You are the nicest thing that has happened and will ever happen to them.

large (5)


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